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WILDFIT in Wales


WILDFIT is an affordable monthly programme designed to help you stay healthy, connected and on track. Wildfit provides you with the tools you need to maintain and enhance your transformation and overall quality of life. 

Your WILDFIT 90-day experience will help you make significant changes in your life and ensure the impact on your health lasts forever. 

As a Living WILDFIT member through Kind Evolution’s expert coach, Ioan Kinde, you’ll get the clarity you need to get the life-long results you want. 

WILDFIT UK is for those looking to create the very best version of themselves and change their relationship with food. Here at WILDFIT UK we work with clients across the world including England, United Kingdom. 

Many people find WILDFIT courses through the USA website, or through Mind Valley. But you can purchase WILDFIT direct through Kind Evolution, based in the UK and Europe. 

We all know what it's like to try and fail to start a new lifestyle, whether this is in relation to losing weight, or feeling fitter and healthier. You may have tried over and over again already but just aren't getting there. Maybe you can see that you've got the willpower to lose weight or get fit, but simply aren't able to stay on track - the WILDFIT programme is here to help...

Health Shake
Image by Joseph Reeder


With much of Wales’ landscape being so diverse and mountainous, it has become home to three different national parks. The M4 motorway running from West London to South Wales links Newport, Cardiff and Swansea easily with the South of England. 

If you are Wales based and looking to begin the WILDFIT course, look no further! Ioan is based in Cardiff, making him the ideal coach to understand your lifestyle and remain on the same schedule as you.

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