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Originally from Romania, Ioan has come a long way from helping his family farming in the Romanian countryside, growing, from an early age, a passion for nurturing and planting his own vegetables and legumes.


Ioan was living in a family of seven and from an early age wanted a different life. Working hard at school and having the foresight to see where computers would lead in years to come, he chose to study computer science which then led to a degree in automotive engineering. A twist of fate at a friend’s wedding led to him moving from working for Continental Automotive in Romania to a new opportunity in Germany, a young man making a move while grieving for the loss of his mother and wanting to make his mother proud. 

The interview process for the opportunity in Germany revolved around the World-famous Oktoberfest, what did Ioan have to lose? It was a chance opportunity that changed his world forever, including finding the love of his life; his beautiful wife and the mother of his inspirational daughter. When Ioan met Cristina, he just knew. Many people talk of the feeling you have when you meet the “one”, something that Ioan dismissed until the magical day he met Cristina. 

Many fathers often question are they the best Dad that they can be and Ioan is no different. He was working long hours, not eating right and just abusing his body with lack of exercise and the wrong foods; the reality was that he was just fighting for his survival with the inherited toolset learnt as a child which was, in his new environment, almost obsolete. Ioan was motivated and focused on work but just treating his body with distain and expecting to keep up with the pace. The reality was he may not see his daughter grow up and this wake up call was the necessity to start the diabetes medication... for the rest of my life.

Cristina and Ioan stumbled across a program called WILDFIT after trying different programs with no real success. WILDFIT isn't designed as a diet, but teaches a new way of life and aims to change a person's relationship with food and looks at the impact of refined sugars in our lives. WILDFIT really did change Ioan's life; so much so that when he went to the doctors, they couldn't believe his change in lowered blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, blood sugar levels or healed liver! Ioan found his answer, his calling as many would call it, to help others achieve more with their life, change their life and relationship with food. 

Three years on from the discovering the catalyst that was WILDFIT, Ioan believes he has been living some of the best years of his life. After enjoying the health and wellbeing benefits of the WILDFIT program, Ioan wanted to spread his knowledge and results with others so took the time to become a certified WILDFIT coach. He now offers 1-1 coaching, advice, recipes and a 14-day FREE burst. On top of that, he has started a journey on personal development and learning excellent parenting techniques, (only to find how much he don't know!) and is currently a graduate of the world renowned 'EliteMentorshipForum' by Peter Sage, and will also soon be graduating from the program 'AllAboutParenting' by Urania Cremene (a romanian psychologist and expert in parenting), and this is just the start for Ioan. Watch this space!



Ioan will understand the struggles you are facing, and be empathetic in helping you overcome them.

With a number of years experience in WILDFIT coaching, Ioan is the perfect coach to help you through.

A passionate, helpful individual who can be on hand to answer any question, queries or concerns you may have regarding any support area.

Ioan will be honest with his advice for you. He will work on finding the solution that can work for your life, and lifestyle.

Image by Humphrey Muleba
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
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