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Ioan founded Kind Evolution not just to be a leading associate in the UK for WILDFIT, but to create a company focused on improving all areas of life including wellbeing, money, parenting, personal development and health.


Ioan is a familiar on the speaking circuit talking of his challenge with food, but also his journey from the fields of Romania to working alongside such inspirations including Peter Sage and Eric Edmeades. 

Meet Ioan, founder


A revolutionary health education and coaching program that frees people from the clutches and propaganda of commercialised dieting. Learn how to boost your immune system, reclaim your health and restore energy naturally.


WILDFIT returns eating to the way Mother Nature intended it. The affordable program is designed to help you stay connected, informed and on track. Get the tools you need to maintain and enhance your transformation while improving your quality of life.


WILDFIT aims to give you the knowledge to give your body the core nutritional elements that it wants without relying on willpower or the strict rules of a traditional diet, and with a dedicated coach to help you stay accountable and focused, success has never been easier.

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