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A body and mindset transformation 

Reclaiming our body is the first step to reclaiming our lives. Anyone with a transformational mindset will inevitably want to develop a strong focus on their health and fitness! 

Our level of every-day health and vitality is absolutely vital in either facilitating or limiting our capacity to flourish in all areas of life… 


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Not only will you receive everything you need for your 14 day trial, you will also have access to multiple 1hour sessions with Kind Evolution founder, and certified WILDFIT coach, Ioan Kinde, to talk and discuss how the program can fit into your current lifestyle.

Transform your mindset

WILDFIT has an impressive 91% completion rate – an unbelievable achievement for online coaching! 


Psychology: How to rewire your brain’s response to food so you naturally gravitate towards the types of food your body needs at the right time for superior health.


Nutrition: Knowing what (and what not) to eat isn’t enough. The key to vibrant health lies in combining nutritional sciences and behavioural psychology so you are able to remove your mindset from insidious food marketing.  

No ‘Dieting’: Why 95% of people who participate in fad diets regain their weight in three years and why using willpower to avoid foods you shouldn’t eat hardly ever works.



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Human evolution: 
Hadza Tribe 

An indigenous group in north central Tanzania known as the Hadza or Bushmen of Tanzania are famous hunter-gatherers who’s history dates back almost 50,000 years!


This tribe are among the last hunter-gatherers in the world and are highly skilled in all survival methods. They base themselves around the banks of Lake Eyasi and move easily with the seasons. Many believe that the Hadza tribe have sustained themselves for this long because they are expert at adapting to their surroundings and have a long line of strong heritage.  

WILDFIT’S Eric Edmeades’ research in food patterns of different cultures led him to spend time in Tanzania, studying the Bushmen’s diets and learning their food habits long before the cultivation of grains. This was an inspiration to Eric and WILDFIT demonstrates a culmination of all Eric’s research and hard work.  

Image by Anna Pelzer
Healthy Food

What you'll learn:

- Food Freedom 

- Your Habits 

- Wholesome Nutrition 

- Behavioural Changes

- Psychological Changes 

- Nutritional Changes 

- Transforming Your Body  

- Mental Clarity 

- Sleep 

- Energy and Vitality 

- Mood and Emotional Wellbeing 

"I'll do it someday.."

Someday never comes, just start today!

90 days from now you could be in total control of your food choices, and your life.


You’ll watch in amazement as your shape, skin, muscle tone, and energy undergoes a comprehensive and lasting transformation. Your body, your longevity, your family...your life will thank you. 


No more  “I’ll do it someday”  or starting a program and not completing it, WILDFIT 90 has been intentionally designed as a timed process to help you achieve significant results in 90 days (and in most cases, less!). This program is designed to create change in your life NOW. 

Organic Vegetables

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