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Winter wonderland

A treat for all the senses.

Enjoy an evening of luxuriously good food. This recipe may look daunting, but it is well worth a try! Get all your ingredients prepped before hand and this will make things much easier.

Preparation time: 30 minutes - Cooking Time: 1hour 15minutes - Serves: 3-4

You will need:

Celery Root Crème:

- 250gr Celery Root - 1 yellow onion

- 20gr coconut oil or ayurvedic ghee - 100ml freshly squeezed apple juice

- Sea Salt, mixed pepper, freshly grinded - 30-40ml oat “cream” (make sure there are no additives & no sugar in there)

Lentils & Pearl Barley:

- 120gr brown lentils or beluga lentils - 1 yellow onion

- 2 dried bay leaves - 3 dried cloves

- 1 carrot - 3 garlic cloves

- 90g pearl barley - Cold pressed Walnut Oil

Sauteed Mushrooms:

- 2 fresh King Oyster Mushrooms - 1 tbsp coconut oil or ayurvedic ghee

- 1 lime, untreated - 1 garlic clove

Cabbage Salad:

- 60gr savoy cabbage - 60gr purple (red) cabbage

- Pinch of Maple syrup or dark honey - 2 branches of fresh parsley

- 1,5 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice - 2 tbsp extra native, high quality olive oil

- Sea Salt & mixed Pepper to taste


Heat the oven to 180-200 degrees Celsius, top and bottom heat.

Peel the celery root and cut it in small pieces (hazelnut size cubes), peel the onion and cut it in big cubes. Spread the veggies evenly on a baking tray. Add Sea Salt, fresh pepper and some coconut oil or ghee (if it is not liquid put a tbsp in the oven to melt it). Use your hands to evenly distribute oil & spices all over.

Bake for about 30mins until the celery roots are really soft, reduce the heat if necessary, don’t burn it.

After the veggies are baked, put them in a mixing bowl, add fresh apple juice and the oat

cream and use the hand blender to mix it into a very smooth crème. Season to taste with

salt & pepper if needed.

Fill a pot with 250ml cold water and put the lentils in. Peel the onion and put it into the

pot (as a whole), add the bay leaves and cloves (you can use the cloves to “pin” the leaves

onto the onion so you will not need to search them later ;)). Peel the carrot and cut it

into small cubes, add to the pot.

Peel the garlic cloves and add them (in whole), too. Put onto the stove and cook for approx. 30mins until the lentils are done, season with salt within the last 5mins of cooking. Take out the onion, bay leaves, cloves and garlic cloves. If there is still remaining water let it pour out of the pot.

Cook the pearl barley in slightly salted water as described on the package and rinse very

well with cold water after it has cooked. Mix with the lentils & carrots, season with

Walnut Oil, Salt & Pepper.

Cut the mushrooms into very fine slices and put some salt on. Roast them in a pan, using

either coconut oil or ghee, until they turn golden brown on both sides. Use the side of a

knife to squeeze the garlic clove and add it to the pan, drizzle the mushrooms with some

fresh lemon juice and move the pan around to add the two flavours all over. Put the pan

aside & let it cool down a bit.

Cut both cabbages in very fine slices, put them into a mixing bowl. Add honey or maple

syrup, salt and pepper, use your hands and knead the cabbage mix for 2mins. Pick off the

parsley leaves and chop them with a knife. Add herbs, lime juice and olive oil and mix to

a salad. If needed, add more spices.

To serve: Choose nice, big bowls. Place the celery crème at the bottom, then add the

lentils & barley mix, top with the cabbage salad and finally add the mushrooms.


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