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Cooked Cod and Celeriac

A mid week treat.

Cod is an excellent fish and its flakey nature makes it our go to favourite.

This low calorie but tasty meal makes the perfect min week meal for 2 with little prep time involved. Plus, by using celeriac that is already one of your five a day!

Preparation time: 5 minutes - Cooking Time: 50 minutes - Serves: 2

You will need:

- 1 small celeriac , peeled and chopped - 3 tbsp oil

- 1 tsp fennel seeds - 4 spring onions, chopped

- 1 courgette , grated - 1 garlic clove, crushed

- 2 x 125g skinless cod fillets - ½ Lemon, juiced

- ½ lemon, wedged - 1 tbsp parsley leaves, chopped

- Rocket leaves


Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6.

Put the celeriac into a roasting tin, drizzle with 2 tbsp oil, then sprinkle over the fennel seeds. Season and bake in the oven for 45 mins, stirring halfway through, until lightly charred.

While the celeriac cooks, put the spring onions in a dry pan and cook over a high heat for 3-4 mins, turning occasionally, until starting to char. Spread two large sheets of foil out on your work surface.

Divide the spring onions between the foil sheets, then top with the grated courgette, garlic and fish. Season and drizzle over the lemon juice and the remaining 1 tbsp olive oil. Scrunch up the edges of the foil to seal and create two parcels.

Put the parcels on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 10-12 mins.

When the celeriac is cooked, mash the pieces with a potato masher or a fork and season well. Pile the smashed celeriac onto plates, then carefully open the fish parcels – the contents will be hot – and gently slide onto the plates next to the celeriac.

Garnish with parsley and serve with rocket leaves and lemon wedges.


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