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Can WILDFIT improve your skin health?

There has always been a debate about the correlation of nutrition and clear skin and whether one can have an impact on the other, and after many scientific studies it is hard to be dismissed at this point.

Clear skin is a goal for a whole lot of us, regardless of age, or any other factors, and we are always striving for new ways, and expensive products to achieve the flawless skin we’ve always desired. But have you ever considered the solution may be easy, and cheaper than you think? Many of the participants of the WILDFIT 90-day challenge notice and comment on the evident improvements to their acne and general skin health.

We’ve heard stories of clients who had given up the battle with their skin, but after joining WILDFIT and following the simple program we lay out each week were so pleased with this additional by product the course can bring.

Finding the correct balance of food is key and we’ve all heard the age-old saying of ‘you are what you eat’, but as cliches go, this one actually runs true. Food choices and eating habits all have an impact on your skin, whether positively or negatively. Skin issues are commonly connected to poor gut health so, with this in mind, considering food choices that optimise your gut health will likely have a knock on effect to your complexion and skin health.

The WILDFIT program can help you, by leading you through an ancestral-based diet which involved eating wholesome, natural, organic indigenous foods, that you will actual enjoy eating and can be an long-term lifestyle change that will improve multiple areas in your life including physical and mental health, energy level and of course is likely to have a positive impact on your skin health.

However, don’t look at this as a quick fix for beautiful skin. As with any journey there will be peaks and troughs. Keep your expectations realistic; don’t expect to eat a vegetable one day and see your skin clear up by the next! But by putting in the work with Ioan, you will see changes, in more ways than one, over the 90 days.

If you want to learn more about the WILDFIT 90-day challenge, you could join on to our FREE 2-week trial to give yourself a taster of the course and see how WILDFIT could benefit you.

Clear your skin from within, and start eating your way to fabulous skin with WILDFIT!


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